Others can see that Lee Gatiss is lying and that the Church Society Council is complicit

Other people can see that the Church Society reports (both “full report” and “executive summary”) are full of inaccuracies and untruths about me and my family. One example is this article by a friend of mine, Nick Howard. He addresses one of the untruths in the report (not already mentioned by me) here:


Since the Church Society Council published and widely circulated the untruthful report about me and my family, the Council bears full responsibility for the lies and abuse of power, along with Lee Gatiss.

It is true that I have not been in favour of clearly non-independent reviews/processes/investigations led personally by Church Society leaders, or friends and associates of the senior leaders. Church Society senior leaders have three times suggested such things and tried to present them as somehow independent. Given their past attempts to mislead me, when Church Society announced that they were having an external review in February 2021, I had a lot of questions which were never answered and I rightly doubted their intentions. But I have never suggested that the Church Society senior leaders should not be investigated by a genuinely independent and suitably trained organisation.

In addition, one of the Church Society Council members, Rebecca Hunt, has wanted a conversation with me, since I recently spoke up about her direct role in the abuse of power and dishonesty towards me, and she asked a mutual acquaintance for my contact details. Perhaps I should agree to a (recorded) conversation with her, on the condition that she can show where my husband and I “publicly stated that any external investigation should not be commissioned or paid for by [Church Society]”, as claimed by Church Society Director Lee Gatiss on behalf of Church Society Council?

Further information

The current Church Society Council members are listed here:


One of the Council members is Rob Munro, the new Bishop of Ebbsfleet, who will provide “extended episcopal oversight” to the conservative evangelical constituency in the Church of England following the retirement of Rod Thomas. It should also be noted that two of Church Society’s “honorary officers” – its President, Rod Thomas and one of its Vice Presidents, Dick Farr. They were both heavily involved in the original mistreatment of me and my family by Church Society leaders, along with Rev William Taylor and Rev Robin Weekes, who were on the Church Society Council at the time I approached the organisation.

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