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Others can see that Lee Gatiss is lying and that the Church Society Council is complicit

Other people can see that the Church Society reports (both “full report” and “executive summary”) are full of inaccuracies and untruths about me and my family. One example is this article by a friend of mine, Nick Howard. He addresses one of the untruths in the report (not already mentioned by me) here: https://nickhoward76.medium.com/church-society-and-the-andreyevs-8e33c21975c6 Since…

Complicit in the lies and bullying

Lee Gatiss has borne false witness throughout his document about me and my family. That much has been demonstrated repeatedly on this blog. For him to continue as a senior leader in ministry without repentance is a disgrace. But the same applies to the other senior leaders who are complicit with him – starting with…

February 2023

I began refuting Church Society’s slanderous document about me and my family after its publication and circulation in August 2021. Unfortunately the effect of the Church Society document and the trauma of trying to think and write about it on my health and wellbeing was such that I had to put it to one side…

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