February 2023

I began refuting Church Society’s slanderous document about me and my family after its publication and circulation in August 2021. Unfortunately the effect of the Church Society document and the trauma of trying to think and write about it on my health and wellbeing was such that I had to put it to one side after I had written a number of posts. I understand when others falsely accused or otherwise abused say that it leads them to have suicidal thoughts or that it permanently affects their life and health. There is still so much more that is untrue in the Church Society document that needs to be highlighted.

However, I am grateful for those who have taken the time to read what I have written and contacted me to say that what I have written is very clear and that they believe me. They come from a wide variety of church traditions, including evangelicalism. It means a lot to me. Many have pointed out that I have provided far more evidence for what I say than Church Society ever has. Others have contacted me because they were similarly treated by senior Christian leaders. It has been a privilege to hear from them.

I long for the day when evangelicals are as concerned about the integrity of their leaders as they are about the authority of Scripture and false teaching.

Published by kateeandreyev

Saved by the precious blood of Jesus. Blessed to be wife to Michael, and mother to A and C. Survivor.

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