Observations by Dr. Valerie Hobbs on the recent Church Society report

Dr. Valerie Hobbs is a linguist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sheffield, where she researches and teaches on religious language and other kinds of discourse. She is the author of An Introduction to Religious Language (Bloomsbury, 2021). Here she offers some brief but striking observations on the August 2021 Church Society report about Michael and Kate Andreyev.

The Church Society Update and report can be found here: https://churchsociety.org/blog/entry/church_society_update

The Church Society response to the 31:8 Lessons Learned Review can be found here: https://churchsociety.org/blog/entry/church_society_response_to_the_318_lessons_learned_review

Dr. Hobbs underlines the need for independent investigation of the senior Church Society leaders.

And finally…

This is the link to some of the wider context that Lee Gatiss leaves ignored and unexamined. https://largebluefootballs.wordpress.com/2021/08/20/church-society-and-the-andreyevs-the-elephant-in-the-room/.

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Saved by the precious blood of Jesus. Blessed to be wife to Michael, and mother to A and C. Survivor.

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