Why wasn’t this included in Lee Gatiss’s report for Church Society? (Statement of support for the Andreyevs from the bishops)

The document below was written just before the Andreyevs went on pastoral leave to give them some respite from the group bullying them in church. It was written and signed by the former Bishop of Derby, Alastair Redfern, and the Bishop of Maidstone, Rod Thomas. Rod Thomas is also the President of Church Society – why didn’t Lee Gatiss talk to him? Why didn’t Lee Gatiss include this statement of support in his ‘full report’?

At best, this looks as if Church Society have accepted a lop-sided account that suits their narrative, but it is concerning from a Director who writes academic books and articles and trains younger ministers. Yet it would have been so easy for Lee Gatiss to check his facts.

At worst, it looks like the Church Society report was a deliberate character assassination of the Andreyevs, written in order to ruin their reputation and future prospects. The report has been published and widely circulated.

Are the actions of Church Society and Lee Gatiss (an ordained minister, trained for pastoral ministry) what we really want from our Christian leaders?

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Saved by the precious blood of Jesus. Blessed to be wife to Michael, and mother to A and C. Survivor.

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