An initial comment on Church Society’s report (a briefing paper by Lee Gatiss)

I received a copy of an email from Church Society sent on Sunday 1 August 2021 at 6am in which they informed me and my husband that Church Society would be publishing a 45 page document about their dealings with us at 9am the following day. We managed to read the Church Society document and realised that it was untrue and misleading throughout and contained many basic errors of fact.

We were distressed and traumatised by Church Society’s actions. We were also surprised that a Christian organisation with far more power than us would behave in such a way. We responded to Church Society that evening to alert its senior leaders to the problems with the document.

Church Society did not respond to our email, but went ahead and published their document. It has since been reproduced elsewhere.

I am still on anti-depressants from the bullying that we have been subjected to over the past few years by the small group in the parish, senior clergy and Church Society senior leaders. Therefore it will take me time to respond in detail to the 45 page document. In addition, it should be obvious that I am one woman and I simply do not have the power, position, platform, resources, money, influence or people that Church Society and those who support it have.

What strikes me forcibly amid the untruthfulness, misrepresentation and lack of basic accuracy throughout Church Society’s document is that Church Society have simply consulted with members of the group that bullied my husband and I out of church and have reproduced all the malicious, false accusations of which my husband was clearly exonerated a few years ago. This is a very common and recognised form of bullying by organisations and institutions – a person is cleared of all wrongdoing and yet an organisation insists on continuing to treat the person as guilty.

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Saved by the precious blood of Jesus. Blessed to be wife to Michael, and mother to A and C. Survivor.

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